Weedee is closing - Thank you for your support!

Weedee’s 10 Principles

  1. You can play the game starting at 18. But nothing beats waiting that your brain is fully developed (average 21 y.o.) before playing. That way, you’ll enjoy it at your full potential and well after!

  2. Avoid playing during pregnancy, or when breastfeeding. It isn’t fun for your little one.

  3. Consult a physician before playing the game. You can never be too careful.

  4. Don’t play and drive. Use public transportation, cabs, autonomous cars, walk or ask a non-player to drive you around.

  5. The game might be related to the onset or aggravation of some mental illnesses. If you feel or believe you might suffer from stress, depression or mental illness, stop playing immediately and consult a physician or a qualified health professional. Please download Weedee’s mobile game. 15% of our revenues go to research and awareness.

  6. Keep the game away from teens and children at any time. Refer to the first principle.

  7. Avoid playing the game around schools and children’s playgrounds. Kids and teen must not even be tempted.

  8. When playing, reduce your alcohol consumption. Be very careful, as effects of the game and alcohol add to one another.

  9. Respect people while playing. For personal reasons, some people don’t enjoy it. Don’t play if it’s inconvenient to others around you.

  10. At any time, do not throw away your roaches. Children can find them and we all want a clean environment. Please dispose of them in a safe manner to win the game.